Council #112 Concord, New Hampshire 

Council #112 Concord, New Hampshire

Monsignor Buckley Assembly #0627

Brother Knights,

If you are over 18 years of age; a citizen of the United States; a practical Catholic in union with the Holy See; and you are a Third Degree member in good standing, it’s time to consider joining the ranks of the Fourth Degree.

I'd love to have you as a member of our Monsignor Buckley 4th Degree Assembly #0627

I'd like to hear from you !


Color Corps Commander:

An Introduction To Our Color Corps:

Worthy Sir Knights it is all of our jobs to help increase the number of Knights in the order and what better way can we do this then, by doing our job and being a visible Knight in our areas, talking to other gentleman about the Knights, working on fund raisers and inviting others to help us to work in the fund raisers and drawing them into the Knights.

In the past, we have organized different events besides just funerals. We are not just here for funerals. We can do catholic weddings, church functions, funerals if asked, parades, and other events as long as they are not against our teachings in the church.
If we have the men in Uniforms, lets wear them and be an active assembly, instead of letting the moths get more out of our Uniforms than we do, we will never recruit a moth. You all worked hard to become 4th degrees and it is nice to sit back but it is also good and makes us feel good when we achieve something, so lets see if we can make our assembly one to be noticed by its achievements.

One other thing, if you know of any event we may be able to do please let me know in time so I can see if we can get any interested Knights to go. Remember, to carry a load of wood is a lot of work but if we all do it together the work is enjoyable, rewarding and takes a lot less time together.

May God Bless you and you families
FN, Phil

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