Council #112 Concord, New Hampshire 

Council #112 Concord, New Hampshire

June Birthday's:

On behalf of your Council's Brother Knights, we wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Take note of our Priest's and Deacon's who are celebrating this month, as well. We are all blessed to have you as Brother Knights within our Council.

Robert E. Mariano 06-01-1942

John J. Conroy 06-03-1939

Scott W. Harding 06-03-1968

David P. Bonner 06-10-1952

James E. Mc Nulty 06-12-1950

* Deacon John W. Morrow 06-12-1942

Roger W. Barter 06-13-1960

Robert F. Anderson 06-15-1937

Gerard P. Brochu 06-15-1938

G. Edward Nadeau 06-16-1945

* Fr. Jeffrey A. Paveglio 06-16-1985

* Deacon William R. Lavallee 06-17-1959

Kevin E. Landrigan 06-18-1957

Brian W. Hutchins 06-21-1959

Joseph A. Fournier 06-22-1931

D. Scott Macey 06-23-1947

Mark A. Stanko 06-26-1964

Paul H. Audet 06-27-1941

Thomas F. Briggs 06-30-1960

If you know a Brother Knight on this list, wish him a Happy Birthday!

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