Council #112 Concord, New Hampshire 

Council #112 Concord, New Hampshire


Church Programming

Open Adoration IHM/Saint Padre Pio Chapel:

It's about time for us to consider this ministry once again. There are about two dozen Knights and loved ones in this ministry and an hour/week is a blessing for you, and the prayers you offer are heard.
Please send a note to Kathy & Eric, or call them (229-1359) and join in. (The hours cited below are the ones currently in need of regular, assigned adorers.)
God bless.
Hours needing coverage:
Sunday: 1AM, 5AM, 9AM.
Monday: 4AM.
Tuesday: 1AM, 3AM, 2PM, 3PM.
Wednesday: 1AM, 2PM.
Friday: MIDNIGHT (First Hour of Friday).
Saturday: 4AM, 9PM.

For Information Purposes:

Here is the text of an important speech by an eloquent Catholic Church leader: I encourage you to take the time to read and reflect on it.
God bless.

Steve Harvey Introduces Jesus Christ


This video clip was passed onto us by a Brother Knight from within the State of New Hampshire. While he is not a member of Concord Council #112, we draw inspiration from what is given to us and what we have to learn and share with others. It is presented for your enjoyment and can also be found on our Council #112 list of "Shared Video's"

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