Knights of Columbus 

Council #112 Concord, New Hampshire

2016-2017 Council Officers

Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson


District Deputy, 
Roy E. Roy, PGK

State Secretary, Glenn P. Camley, FDD

Council Chaplain, Fr. Ray Ball


Grand Knight, Chuck McGee

Deputy G. K. OPEN

Financial Secretary Paul Parisi


Council Treasurer, Robert Nadeau

Council Lecturer, Jim Cailer, PGK


Council Advocate, David Dale, PGK

Council Recorder, Matt Cyr


Council Warden, John Daigle


Trustee 1 Year Martin Tully


Trustee 2 Year,
Paul Messier


Trustee 3 Year, Oscar Serard


Inside Guard,
Frank Vincinquerra

no e-mail

Outside Guard,
Keith Thibeault, FDD

Chancellor,     Norman St.Hilaire, FDD

Council Brother Knight Elected State Secretary:

At the State Convention, recently held at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center in Nashua, NH, the New Hampshire State Council, and a majority of the over 100 New Hampshire Delegates, re-elected Council #112 Brother Knight, Glenn Camley, to the State Secretary position for the 2016 - 2017 fraternal year.

Glenn and his wife Jolene, attended the Convention, along with #112 Delegate and Former District Deputy, Jim Priesendorfer and his wife Patricia.

Glenn, who has been a Brother Knight within Concord Council #112 since 1989, worked his way up the Council #112 chairs and offices, holding Director and Chairman positions, as well as the position of Grand Knight.

On the State level, Glenn has held positions including District Warden and District Deputy, as well as State Program Director. He is also a member of the 4th Degree State Master's Staff and served the NH State Council as State Warden and State Treasurer.

2016 - 2017 Council Director's

Program Director:

Membership Director: OPEN

Church Director: Martin Tulley

Community Director: John P. Daigle [email protected]

Council Director: David Dale, PGK

Family Director: Keith J. Thibeault, PGK [email protected]

Pro-life Director and Chair Couple: OPEN

Youth Director:

2016 - 2017 Council Chairman

Bus Trip Coordinator: Keith J. Thibeault, PGK, FDD [email protected]

CareNet Dinner: Glenn P. Camley, PGK, FDD [email protected]

Carmelite Monestary Cleanup: George Weber

Christmas Party: William Forbes

Christmas Tree Sales IHM: Jim Marshall, PGK [email protected]

Clergy of the Month:

Columbian Squires Chairman: Glenn P. Camley, PGK, FDD [email protected]

Council Home Cleanup Day: Jim Audet, PGK, FDD

Eucharistic Walk: Jim Priesendorfer, PGK  [email protected]

Family Day: David Dale

Founders Day Mass: Jim Cailler [email protected]

Goods For Battered Women: Glenn P. Camley, PGK, FDD [email protected]

Hackleboro Apple Pick: OPEN

Health Services Chairman: James J. Preisendorfer, PGK [email protected]

Insurance Promotion: OPEN

Ladies Appreciation Night: Keith J. Thibeault, PGK [email protected]

Mass for Diceased Brothers: Jim Audet, PGK, FDD

Mountain Road Cleanup: John Daigle, DGK [email protected]

Newsletter: Chuck McGee:

New Years Gala: Norman R. St.Hilaire, PGK, FDD [email protected]

"Our Greatest Generation" Dinner: Norman St.Hilaire, PGK, FDD [email protected]

Operation Santa: Keith Thibeault, PGK [email protected]

Public Relations Chairman: Robert Nadeau [email protected]

Retention Chairman: Norman R. St.Hilaire, PGK, FDD [email protected]

School Supply Drive: Glenn P. Camley, PGK, FDD [email protected]

Special Olympics: Dick Nadeau, PGK, FDD

State Charity Raffle: Robert Nadeau [email protected]

State House Creche: Robert Nadeau [email protected]

"Sweater Weather Drive": Glenn P. Camley, PGK, FDD [email protected]

Sweethearts Social: Jim Priesendorfer, PGK [email protected]

Toosie Roll Drive: James Marshall, PGK [email protected]

Vocations Chairman: George Weber

WebMaster: Glenn P. Camley, PGK, FDD [email protected]

Facebook: Glenn P. Camley, PGK, FDD [email protected]

Twitter: Glenn P. Camley, PGK, FDD [email protected]

Past Grand Knights 1970 to Present:


                                  INSTITUTED DATE: MARCH 17, 1895

                            * DENOTES DID NOT SERVE A FULL TERM

1970 - 1971   Rodney A. Johnson

1971 - 1972   Louis F. Bellaud

1972 - 1973   Louis E. Lasalle

1973 - 1974   Normand N. Leblanc

1974 - 1975   Frank Silva Jr.

1975 - 1976   Frank Silva Jr.

1976 - 1977   George R. Cote

1977 - 1978   Charles E. Cannon

1978 - 1979   Herbert J. Audet

1979 - 1980   Herbert J. Audet

1980 - 1981   Herbert J. Audet

1982 - 1983   James R. Audet

1983 - 1984   James R. Audet

1984 - 1985   Emile J. Simard, FDD

1985 - 1986   Emile J. Simard, FDD

1986 - 1987   Emile J. Simard, FDD

1987 - 1988   John J. Conroy

1988 - 1989   Roger L. Bergevine

1989 - 1990   Norman R. St.Hilare, FDD

1990 - 1991   Robert V. Jewett

1991 - 1992   Patrick K. Malfait

1992 - 1993   Myles A. Sweeney, FDD

1993 - 1994   Myles A. Sweeney, FDD

1994 - 1995   Vernon W. Jewett

1995 - 1996   Sidney P. Basha

1996 - 1997   James F. Marshall

1997 - 1998   James F. Marshall

1998 - 1999   Harry W. Brown, FDD

1999 - 1999   James T. Herrick *

1999 - 2000   James P. Challender

2000 - 2001   James P. Challender

2001 - 2002   Michael L. Morison

2002 - 2003   Glenn P. Camley, FDD

2003 - 2004   Glenn P. Camley, FDD

2004 - 2004   Glenn P. Camley, FDD *

2004 - 2005   Michael Panebianco, FDD

2005 - 2006   Aime J. Roy

2006 - 2006   Aime J. Roy *

2006 - 2007   Keith Thibeault Sr. FDD

2007 - 2008   Keith Thibeault Sr. FDD

2008 - 2009   David Dale

2009 - 2010   David Dale

2010 - 2011   James Cailler

2011 - 2012   James Cailler

2012 - 2013   Roger LaFleur

2013 - 2014   Roger LaFleur

2014 - 2015   Roger LaFleur *

2014 - 2015   Chuck McGee

2015 - 2016   Chuck McGee

2016 - 2017   Chuck McGee

* Did not serve a full fraternal year term

Former State Deputies From Concord Council #112

 Dennis J. H. Donovan  1901-1901
 Frederick J. Sexton, PSD  1903-1905
 Wallace F. Purrington, PSD  1929-1930
 Thomas J. King, PSD  1935-1937
 Salvatore J. Garafolo, PSD  1970-1971
 Louis E. LaSalle, PSD  1979-1981
 Ricardo St. Hilaire  1999-1999

Former State Officers From Concord Council #112

Ricardo St.Hilaire, State Advocate

Glenn P. Camley, State Warden 2011-2013

Glenn P. Camley, State Treasurer  2013-2015

Glenn P. Camley, State Secretary  2015-2017